ONID is a forward looking building controls and technology design, build and install company, with a reputation for creative excellence and effectiveness.

Our strength lies in our ability to flexibly tap into strategic, creative and technical expertise to achieve commercial objectives in imaginative and engaging ways.

We work with both residential and commercial clients to understand and enhance the customer decision journey through various emerging technologies in order to deliver intelligent multi-channel efficient solutions.

We deliver smart building solutions

In order to deliver multi-channel smart building solutions you need people smart enough to knit together complex systems, and not loose site of the end user objectives.

That’s why at ONID we incorporate an IT solutions team, specialising in the design, build and operation of integrated lighting, heating ventilation cooling and shading systems, multi-channel entertainment solutions, and energy management control systems

ONID has being partnership with KNX the world standard for building automation systems and management tools since 1999.

Smart technology delivered by smart people

  • lighting control – event and time activated, mood-lighting, energy efficiency
  • heat / cooling control – event and time activated, remote control, energy efficiency
  • shading control – time activated, mood-lighting, energy efficiency
  • multi-channel entertainment – Internet, audio, tv
  • access control – keyless access, remote access
  • energy management and control – lighting, heating/ventilation/cooling, water recycling